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Pullblox is definitely up there with the games actually worth paying the asking price for on Nintendo's fabled eShop. £5.49, it's again a little more than I like to pay for downloadable game (I am a stickler for wanting a hard copy and hoarding them all in my 'collection'). Pullblox just feels like a quality made game, like something Nintendo themselves would create on their own machines. The sounds, graphics and gameplay are all immaculately presented in this lengthy puzzle game for your 3DS.

The aim of the game, as is a little too thoroughly explained to you by a Pullblox veteran, is to save children from the world of Pullblox who have, thanks to a mischievous scamp, gotten themselves stuck at the top of towers of blox. The towers start of flat, but by holding B your character can pull the blox outward, aiming to find a route up and rescue the child on top.

Sounds easy right? Err no.. Pullblox soon becomes devilish, and if your not awake it can really be quite hard. Ev…


£7.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, SteamWorld Dig was another game that was just a little more expensive then I care to pay for a downloadable version of a game, and as such I ignored it for a while. 

As time went on, I kept seeing more mentions of the game around twitter and gaming sites. It was getting 90%+ reviews in a number of places and people seemed genuinely excited by this new game in the SteamWorld universe (there was just one previous, SteamWorld Tower Defense, a strategy game made for DSiWare). And after developer Image & Form bothered to reply to a tweet I made about feeling intrigued by the title, I decided to take the plunge and support a friendly developer along the way. 

I was definitely glad I did. 

Set in a Old West meets Steampunk one horse town, you take the role of Rusty, the son of a minor recently missing down the mines in Tumbleton. It starts of gently enough, with a mix of Platforming meets Metoroidvania style exploration meets Boulderdash, chipping away at th…

Conduit 2

Sadly, the best part of this game is the first level. It’s kind of down hill from there on I’m afraid, but not so much that it ruins the whole experience.
The game looks stunning (the water effects in that first level are luscious) and it really pushes the Wii to its limits. The story is lame, though kind of cheesy lame which makes it bad, but enjoyable. It see's you visiting a wide variety of both alien and terrestrial locations.

The game also arms you with a mix of alien and terrestrial weapons. It sounds cool to be using lots of funky alien weaponry to blast your way through Conduit 2's interesting environments, but in truth it's a lot more satisfying firing an semi-automatic from good old fashioned Earth.  

The missions involve you collecting alien spirits, which apparently give you extra powers to defeat the games ultimate bad guy. This would be a good Zeldaish method of progression... Except there was no noticeable evidence of these rewards aiding combat in any way. Ima…