Pullblox is definitely up there with the games actually worth paying the asking price for on Nintendo's fabled eShop. £5.49, it's again a little more than I like to pay for downloadable game (I am a stickler for wanting a hard copy and hoarding them all in my 'collection'). Pullblox just feels like a quality made game, like something Nintendo themselves would create on their own machines. The sounds, graphics and gameplay are all immaculately presented in this lengthy puzzle game for your 3DS.

The aim of the game, as is a little too thoroughly explained to you by a Pullblox veteran, is to save children from the world of Pullblox who have, thanks to a mischievous scamp, gotten themselves stuck at the top of towers of blox. The towers start of flat, but by holding B your character can pull the blox outward, aiming to find a route up and rescue the child on top.

Sounds easy right? Err no.. Pullblox soon becomes devilish, and if your not awake it can really be quite hard. Even levels rated 3 stars (out of 5) can be fiendishly tricky to wrap your head around. 

As you progress more features are added such as manhole covers - working like warp points, and colour buttons which fully eject all blox of a certain colour. These features make sure the game has some added longevity, increasing the difficulty at a good rate, without changing too much too quickly.

It's an addictive concept, but also looks great with the 3D on or off. The Pullblox levels are all laid out splendidly, with some of the earlier rounds resembling different day to day objects. It's bright and colourful and is just a happy game to play. Rather than play it all straight through, it's been a game, for me at least that i've kept returning to for short bursts. 

Intelligent Systems have added even more content to the already lengthy main game by adding in a Pullblox level creator. This is a superb addition and is great fun! It's easy to use and let's you use all of the features present in the main play-through of the game. It furthermore allows you to share these levels via a QR code generator. So far, I have made a Tetris themed level, a Mario puzzle block, and my girlfriend made a Tardis level. It really is good fun and extremely creative.

To sum up then, an ingenious, colourful cute puzzle game with loads of content and superbly presented. There's really hardly anything bad really going for it, and as long as you like the cutesie style (though I can't imagine a COD themed version..) it should be something you get immediately for your 3DS library. Expensive compared to puzzle games on mobile devices, but it's just completely worth it. 


(First screenshot taken from http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Pullblox--298087.html#)

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