So last Friday, and not a moment too soon, another half term was upon us. It feels both an age and no time at all since we started back in September, helping all the little darlings on their way to SATS glory. And as usual, a great chance to catch up on some gaming presented itself. Here's what I got up to over the week...

Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (WiiU)

Oh my! It's the already gorgeous Wind Waker, but in HD! And with WiiU controls which, whilst not revolutionary, make equipping, sailing and conducting a joy, utilising the touch screen superbly yet without killing it. Just what you'd expect from Nintendo. This is truly excellent and what your WiiU was made for. That is, until the next original Zelda on WiiU arrives. This has been lovingly crafted and updated, and bar the occasionally lag when things get busy, and a few (and I mean a few) pop up enemies/scenery is perfect. Buy it yesterday. Go!

Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

I've never ever played a Fire Emblem game before. Ever. *Runs and hides from the hardcore fans* I do apologise to the gaming community unreservedly, and to be truthful i've only played a handful of tactical RPG's before. Which seems like a gross oversight considering my new found love for table games and my established love of all other kidns of RPG's. 

And so, with no real frame of reference, I think Fire Emblem so far has been superb. Before even looking at the gameplay, the presentation is immaculate  The drawn characters all look great, the CG battle animations with 3D on or off look fab, the map is great, even the sound that is played when you press 'A' to progress speech is brilliant.

The story has enticed me to proceed and I already feel an attachment to the characters. I love the varied equipment and class method of progression. And combat is varied and exciting throughout. I hope to see more games of this caliber on the 3DS, and soon please! 

Nintendo Land (WiiU) 

Essentially, WiiU's answer for WiiPlay on the old faithful Wii. Some interesting use of the gamepad, this game, though does include single player options, is best when enjoyed as a group. Myself and 2 others played through games, me on the gamepad, sometimes cooperating, others competing for victory. Short lived, but good party fun and a good way to show of the pad. 

X-Wing (board game) 

Why did no one tell me about this sooner? It's playing with Star Wars toys, but with rules for grown ups(ish)! I've played a couple of full matches with my friend, also called Matt, first using only the basic set and second using some expansions I couldn't resist buying. The game is extremely intricate, and i'm glad it came with a quick play rule set just to get us going to start with, but the rule book is easy to understand and on our second play through things when largely without pausing to check rules.

The miniatures are all hand painted and look fantastic, and typical of the movies the Rebellion have better quality of ships where as the Imperials attack en masse with a hoard of Tie Fighters. This game really attracts me as a gamer and as a collector and has so far been great fun. 

I do hope that they eventually release a Republic and Separatist collection of models to collect and battle with! 

Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons 

Never played this originally, so was happy to see this arrive on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. I haven't completed it yet, but it has been an enjoyable, very challenging handheld adventure in the graphical style of Link's Awakening DX. It's not quite as loveable as Link's Awakening, but it'll definitely tie me over until A Link Between Worlds. 

And that's what I've played this week! I had a couple of other games I wanted to play again, like ZombieU, Lego City Undercover and at some point I will play through the DLC on Skyrim! But they just didn't have a chance with Zelda getting all the play time. I do love me some Link. Anyway, thanks for reading!


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