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abbott_56's #GOTY

Christmas has been and gone. Hazah! I was extremely in the spirit and very much looking forward to getting my hands on some new games to celebrate the birthday of the baby jesus. There's just no better way I'm sure you (and he) would agree.

However, rather unlike me I have actually made an effort to buy some new titles for myself this year, and have played enough to feel that I can make an informed short list and choose a new title from 2013 as my game of the year. I don't have an Xbox so the titles I've picked are from Sony and Nintendo platforms only. Hold on tight now, here they come...
1. The Last Of Us (PS3)

A masterful execution of technology meets story telling and whilst it may not appeal to everyone, its exquisite looks, soundtrack and story means it's very difficult to ignore The Last Of Us as a contender for many people's GOTY lists. 
I like how this game makes you believe in the situation Joel (the main and most controlled character throughout) suddenly…

The Legend Of Zelda #ALinkBetweenWorlds

I am an avid fan of the Legend Of Zelda series ever since my first time playing video games, and to me, they opitimise everything good about video games - They're epic, they're colourful yet broad in appeal, they involve a big sword, and most importantly, they're fun. 

If anything, I lean towards preferring the handheld games over the console endeavours, as it's just amazing how something so grand in scale can fit on to such a small screen. Links Awakening DX was the first LOZ game I ever played and is still one of the very best. 

And now, Link makes his way to the small(ish) screen yet again, in a completely original Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, a sequel to the stunning 16bit Link to The Past. The result of Ninty's merging of the nostalgia of old with the tech and design of new is pretty much flawless, creating an instant classic; a must own title for the 3DS and certainly a good enough reason to go out  and buy a system to play it. It really is that good.