Monday, 28 April 2014

1/3 through 2014, and only a slightly damaged liver to show for it...

That's not all that true, but will probably lay off the booze for a bit now the Easter holidays are over and I'm back at work. After talking about blogging with a mate, I realised it's been bloody ages since I posted anything on here. So thought I'd make it less specific and just blog about whatever the hell I like.

In all fairness, a lot has happened since my last post. Split up with my then girlfriend and had the joyous task of getting stuff moved out of the house and the like. Together for 5 years, and though I know that after it all I could never want to go back down that road, it still frustrates me how much time has led to nothing, not even a reciprocated platonic friendship.

A positive from this that has rubbed off on me, is my rekindled desire to shed a few pounds and generally be a bit healthier. This is going pretty well and I'm down 4, almost 5 trouser sizes. Had a bit of a rubbish end of the hols, but am back to being healthy, eating lots of veg, water and avoiding things overly bad for me. I still want to drink so I'm just avoiding beer and cider and have replaced this with Bourbon and Diet coke or just ice. I'm quite happy with this switch... :-D Doing a lot more walking around the place to help, too.

But hey ho, life is definitely not bad right now. I've been talking to the odd member of the opposite gender even arranging the odd date now and then. I've gone out and seen a lot of my friends, drinking far too much, especially during the holidays. I've rekindled friendships with people I've not seen for a very long time, which is just crazy when you consider how amazing they are.

And work is going well, despite the money still being crap. As I've been covering a lot of ICT lessons for staff though it looks promising that I'll be able to work on a higher pay band come September, which will also be on a permanent contract. I really hope that happens, as it really wouldn't take a lot more cash for me to live a lot more comfortably and still have long holidays.

Anyway, other thing I've done...

I went to Alton Towers! That was bloody brilliant. It was bogof tickets, and virtually no queuing for anything. Contrary to my last visit when I was in secondary school, I went on everything! And didn't shit myself, so I think that's pretty much a win.

I've been playing a bit more in band. We've only been doing rock covers and it's just for fun, but it really is awesome fun. Recently played Megalomaniac by incubus and after a whole practice was able to sing (read: shout) the high vocals on the chorus, so well pleased with that. Also starting to write more stuff acoustically, and actually get some ideas onto the old laptop. Leaving my mic set up, so should inspiration strike, I'm ready to go. Surprisingly still finding it challenging to write lyrics, but I'm getting there.

I saw one of my best friends recite his poetry! His name is Ian Bowkett and he is beautiful, as is his poetry. A scientists compositions about his love for both physics and females. Plus, he can complete a Rubix cube whilst reciting, which is pretty awesome. You can find his stuff here

I also saw the Australian Pink Floyd and The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. Apparently I don't go to gigs with pits anymore - only those with seats for my ageing bones... Both were awesome anyway, and I highly recommend both should you ever get the chance.

Anyway, I hope to blog more frequently about more varied topics, and I hope you'll stick around to see what I have to say. If not, it's been nice knowing you.

I like to think I'm friendly so feel free to hit me up! Twitter is your best bet, and I can be got on @abbott_56

I'll leave you with this beautiful song by Middle Brother.
Take care. x

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