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Star Wars - Darth Bane #PathOfDestruction

"Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it." - Darth Bane
The story of the rise of Darth Bane is a compelling one. The history of the Sith is greatly interesting to me, and this book tells of how the rule of two - a master and apprentice - for the Sith came to be. 
The beginning of our story sees Cortosis minor Des biting off the thumb of a drinker coworker. Des is having glimpses of the future, but does not yet attribute this to the force. Instead, the resulting suspension from his work sees him playing Sabaac with republic officers who have landed on Apatros on a recruitment drive. Des's use of the force during these matches, as well as the back and forth between officer and worker is extremely tense and exciting to read, with a slick page turning pace. We see further glimpses of the force bubbling to the surface within Des. 
After his victory at the Sabaac table, Des leaves the cantina after closing, only to be attacked in the dark…

Star Wars #KnightErrant Mini Review

The Star Wars story Knight Errant is set 1000 years before the events of A New Hope and roughly a generation before the Darth Bane trilogy of novels. 
The tale revolves around 3 characters, first of whom is Kerra Holt, a lone Jedi Knight journeying through Sith Space after a prior mission saw her master killed, instilling within Kerra a very un-Jedi thirst for vengeance. Teaming up with militant leader Rusher, the pair struggle to balance between eradicating the interesting and varying array of Sith characters throughout the novel, whilst protecting the innocent citizens and bystanders and the same time. 
Occurring after the Old Republic was invaded by Sith there is a saturation of varying Sith existing simultaneously and constantly striving to advance within their social hierarchy utilising subterfuge, threats and violence to achieve this. As should be expected of the dark side dwelling Sith, each is certain that their own method of control is the ultimate.
Holt's goal becomes focus…

I may have lied... A little

I didn't lay off the booze. I have been out. A lot. I will make that promise to myself again though, mainly as I'm running out of money, but also because I seem to keep waking up in unusual, exotic places. I'm making that sound worse than it is, and it's definitely been fun - just need to chill for a bit me thinks. 
In news in my life, I've had some early inheritance money from my Grandma which is exciting. But I'm being restrained and not immediately buying a new guitar, laptop or PS4, but popping it away into my savings to hopefuly help and pay a deposit on somewhere to live when I've saved a bit more. 
A close friend from school is leaving, and this makes me sad. Everything makes me sad recently, but this is justified I feel. As someone I have shared lots with and who has looked out for me, it will be a very sad day when she eventually goes off to start her proper grown up life. 
I had a very good first date recently too, with a nice and seemingly genuine l…