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#Mac disaster!

So, two days ago I happened to open Disc Utility on my mac to see that the SMART status of my internal hard drive was failing. After a quick google I discovered this was pretty much game over for HD, and rather quickly emptied an external hard drive to run time machine and make a complete backup of my mac.

This took overnight and luckily the HD saw it through. I tried to run it again just to be sure, but by that point the HD had died. I tried to restart the machine but to no avail... 
I've been doing a lot of work on my Mac recently, and it also houses a lot of the video and audio work I did at university, so I very quickly jumped onto Amazon to order myself a new HD to try and rectify the problem to get back on with things. 
When browsing for HDs though, I found the SATA disc drives to be much cheaper than I thought. I decided to go the whole hog and bought 2 1TB drives and a disc drive mounting bay (the DVD drive on my mac has been shoddy for years). It would've been nice to go…


Despite games still coming out cross platform across the newest generation and last generation of consoles, the focus is inevitable going to be on the mighty PS4 over the 3 from here on in. It's been a good run though right? A quick nose at the reliable source that is Wikipedia, tells me it's been 8 short years since release. And we've had some absolute gems released during that time, with developers constantly striving for the utmost immersive experience, the most realistic or detailed graphics, and ultimately, the most fun overall package.

It must have been nice to be a game reviewer over that time. Free copies of games landing on the office mat, or download codes in their inbox, ready for them to blast through them in a matter of days (sometimes less) in order to tell us, the ordinary folk whether the experience will be worth our hard earned cash. And yes, I've often used a review to help influence my decision as to whether to invest in a new game or not.

But as ord…

O Captain! My Captain!

I will miss Robin Williams. Not just as a talented actor, comedian, writer, producer and, arguably most importantly, a massive Legend Of Zelda fan. But as a constant. A deserved celebrity who was just a part of popular culture and who always would be. Unfortunately, celebrities somehow become viewed as invincible. Famous actors of this caliber will hopefully always be immortalised from the work they contributed to whilst alive. But a hole is still felt when they leave this Earth, because we never expect it. 
@BobJWilliams posted this Charles Bukowaki quote on twitter, which summarises what I felt when I first heard the news from someone's Facebook status. 
I of course had to watch Dead Poets Society yesterday, and I'm sure many people around the globe felt the sudden need to put on Aladdin, Hook, Good Will Hunting, Flubber, Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams and the countless other films that Williams starred in. 
I didn't want to rant about the cause of Williams death. Most people u…