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Playing #FantasyLife Vs Living #RealLife

Hello to the farthest corners of the internet. In true tradition, I'll begin my post with the words "It's been a while since my last post". This is mainly to a lack of time to dedicate to my usual hobbies - gaming time has been either hard to come by or I've simply not been in the mood. Other than that I've been quite busy socially and at work. This then is a purely selfish post then, just as an update for nobody about how life is going.

I'm typing this with a cup of Christmas tea I purchased from a health food store in Moseley, with the latest episode of the Walking Dead on in the background. The tea is quite brilliant and is pure Christmas in beverage form. As for the Walking Dead, the episodes seem a bit slow currently, but when they're good they're very good. I'll of course be sticking with it.

This has been my birthday weekend. I'm 27 years young. Time to start figuring out what I want from life presumably? Though I seem to say that e…