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#NewNintendo3DS First Impressions

I'm sorry to those that didn't and wanted one, but I was one of the lucky few to receive a Nintendo Ambassador promotional offer for an exclusive edition of the new Nintendo 3DS console. On the morning I received the email I shrugged it off, tweeting about no one having £180 spare just after christmas. By lunch time I'd ordered it, and by the following day it'd been dispatched. (I have no Nintendo self control). After some problems with the courier, I finally got to play with my new 3DS today and thought I'd share some of my first thoughts in a blog post, so as to stop gushing over the device in my twitter feed. 

The pack was £179 and comes with a limited edition boxed console, with a white charging cradle (but no AC adaptor) and 2 limited edition face plates, one an ambassador design and another a Smash Bros design. It also comes with a 4GB micro SD (easily upgradable by removing the lower face plate). Upon opening it it just felt very special - it was extremely we…