#Bossypants by #TinaFey mini review

Recently having got into 30 Rock and inhaling almost all 7 seasons in about a fortnight, I was intrigued by Tina Fey's book after being pointed to it by my recommendations on Amazon. 
I love her sarcastic yet friendly writing style, her insights on life including motherhood and her work as a comedian, writer and producer, and her views on politics and feminism. I found it to be less 'laugh out loud' than Any Poehler's Yes Girl, but I was always smiling, feeling like I was catching up with an old friend. 

She shows genuine gratitude towards the chances she's received in life and toward the people that have helped her become the success that she is, it was a pleasure to read from beginning to end. Highly recommended for fans of funny, intelligent writing or anyone that knows of anything Fey has done. 

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