Joyotis - Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Hall Green

Jyoti's, located in Kings Heath on the Stratford Road is a refreshing take on Indian cuisine and one I would recommend to any fan of Indian food, veggie or not. It is exclusively veggie, so if you're too into your meat, then you're silly and should go back to McDonalds. 

It's also half kind of Indian Bakery, selling sweets and puddings and nibbles for you to takeaway. The service was a little cold and stilted to start, but the old timer waiter eventually warmed up and began having some banter. 

I had a lentil curry with chapattis which tasted for lack of a better word, authentic. It was a very thick dish despite being a creamless dish but was extremely tasty. The waiter was also happy to accommodate me when I asked for a mountain of Chillies to accompany my munch. 

The chapattis were also excellent. Support this little unique restaurant, now!

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