#TheRosieEffect spoiler free book review

After really enjoying the first book, 'The Rosie Project' I was really looking forward to reading the follow up' The Rosie Effect' by Graeme Simsion, although I was a little apprehensive after my friend (weirdly, also named Rosie!) said she hadn't got on with this one nearly as well as the former, which was a witty, romantic and well told story about a socially inept professor of genetics and his quest for the ideal partner.

The follow up see's the titular Rosie and Don struggle their way through a new onslaught of awkward social and life changing predicaments, many of which are massive life milestones.

The writing at the beginning of the story feels like Simsion is trying a lot harder to make the character of Don feel more Autistic, and I found some parts quite difficult to read. This does seem to settle down, and eventually I was back to being addicted to the lives of the characters old and new, struggling once again to put the book down.

In places this book is laugh out loud comical; tooth grindingly tense and tear-jerkingly sad, and it's not just Don and Rosie's situation you become eager to discover the outcome of, but also new characters from their new life in New York.

As I really want to avoid spoilers, I shall leave this mini review extremely mini! And say that I thoroughly recommend this book as a successful follow up to the previous entry, and for anyone who likes a multi-emotional well told tale about social ineptitudes. Superb.

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