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Anyone who knows me knows that I love my Retro Gaming. I was brought up in the 16bit Sega Vs Nintendo console war, which only became more brutal with the arrival of the 32 bit Playstation from good ol' Sony. Due mainly to logistics, playing these games on actual hardware becomes a bit of an issue, especially as your collection inevitably increases as the addiction sets in... Setting up the consoles on a suitable monitor, getting them to work and even having the space to set them up in the first place are common problems. But now Emulation offers people a solution, and if you make sure you own an original copy of the game, it's also perfectly legal!

The reason I like retro gaming on the PSP is because in my opinion handheld gaming trumps all other types of gaming. It's a console - IN YOUR POCKET!? Why would anyone think that isn't awesome? The PSP has a nice screen, good speakers, respectable battery life, a good host of original games in it's own right, but is also a doddle to install emulators on, as I recently found out. Whilst I don't deny there's no substitute for using the original hardware, this offers a simple, portable solution.

There are already numerous guides and download sites on the great world wide web that it seems silly for me to do the work again and explain how to do it. instead what I thought I'd do here, just for a bit of fun and to help anybody save time trawling the web, is to create a collection of the links that I used to get my PSP emulating what I wanted, as well recommending some good ROMS to get stuck into, having a nice journey down nostalgia lane at the same time.

- A Wiki on installing firmware to your PSP console. Having custom firmware not only enables you to install apps that run ROMS, but can also have other benefits, such as taking screenshots or speeding up frame rate etc.

- A brilliant Wiki explaining many of the different emulators of different systems available for your PSP console.

- A good site for PS1 game files. These files have been stripped back so run much better on the PSP. I've played a number of games from here including Crash Bandicoot, Nightmare Creatures and Alundra and had no problems. The site also has ROMS for other systems, too.

- Another good site for downloading ROMS for a multitude of systems.

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