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#Alpaca Trekking

Recently, my good friend Rosie and I have been attempting to expand our social activities in an effort to take part in more unusual and interesting things. We've joined the National Trust; been for interesting meals; gone to see unusual plays and films and attended museums and art galleries.
Most recently, Rosie convinced me to accompany her on an Alpaca Trekking experience she booked for £10 a ticket via the gift website
I'm always open to new experiences, and I'm a big fan of walking and the outdoors anyway, so I thought why the hell not. Our experience took place at Lucky Tails Alpaca farm in Atherstone, not far from Coleshill in the West Midlands. As well as Alpacas, they keep chickens, ducks, rabbits and there of course the mandatory dog and cat milling around the place.

During our time there we were treated to a bit of background knowledge from the owner about the farm and about the farming of Alpacas, including information about their origins, farmin…

#PressStartToPlay mini Spoiler Free book review

Press Start To Play is an anthology of short stories about our relationships with video games, with stories selected by Daniel H. Wilson (Robopocolypse) and John Joseph Adams (The Mad Scientist's Guide To World Domination), with a forward written by Ernest Kline (Ready Player One, Armada).
The stories range from the comedic to the horrific; the retro to the modern; the norm to the downright bizarre and not one story is the same as another.
Covering genres such as role playing games, virtual reality, artificial intellifence, text adventures and more, all of these stories will appeal to your inner geek in at least one way or another, brushing past typical dorktastic references from 80s scifi onwards, making sure to keep your nerdgasms in full flow. 
Some stories are more traditionally written than others, too. Some are written like the loop in a piece of code; other's, like the progressive journey through a text based adventure running from a floppy disc, where as some are good old…

#LightweightRPGs? #FinalFantasyExplorers #LegendOfLegacy #StellaGlow #3DS impressions

Much like the original DS, Nintendo have done a sterling job recently of getting a number of lavish & visually beautiful RPGs on their brilliant little 3D handheld lately, including the likes of Final Fantasy Explorers, Monster Hunter, Rune Factory, Etrian Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Bravely Default 1 and 2... The list goes on. if you're an RPG fan, you'll no doubt already have begun dedicating hours of your daily commute to staring at your device and getting hooked in beautiful anime art, brilliant battles and marvellous menus galore.
For me, the only downside to this is not actually having that far to travel to work... And therefore little time to dedicate to the often story rich efforts of some truly great developers. I have always been big on my RPG games, ever since playing Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Game Boy Color, and Alundra and Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1, so it does sadden me to have less and less time to lose myself in these games.
Luckily, a number o…