#WhispersUnderground (Rivers of London 3) spoiler free mini review

Whispers Underground is the third novel in the Rivers Of London by Ben Aaronovitch, popularly described as a series where Harry Potter has grown up and join the London Met.

I don't like to go into too many details about the story so as not to spoil anything should you decide to indulge, but the series has developed the inclusion of magical and mystical brings and creatures gradually, adding further spells and species into this third installment whilst keeping one foot firmly in the reality of being a lowly PC from a black African background.

What I liked about this entry in the Rivers books is it is much less gruesome, and includes much less in the way of romantic overtones, focussing more so on the investigative side of things, with lots of exploration of old London town and lots of well written interviews with intriguing characters.

It's also incredibly believable, and whilst still being a fantasy detective novel is never so over the top to be absurd, which to me makes it all the more enjoyable. I really like detective fiction at the moment and the magical elements appeal completely to me as the big geek I am.

I highly recommend this book in the series and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the next few titles, as well as getting my teeth into the graphic novel, too.

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