#StrangeTimes by #TomDelonge The Ghost in the Girl Mini Spoiler Free Review

Another sci-fi collaboration from Punk Rocker Tom Delonge, this time writing with Geoff Herbach who has written a few other teen fiction books.

The Ghost In The Girl tells the tale of an unlikely band of stereotypical teen angst outcasts who are thirsted together to tackle an enticing mystery through banding together and ultimately becoming a surprisingly close unity of friends, paving the way for future stories nicely.

This story is a mystery and a good old fashioned ghost story, and feels akin to the Goosebumps series of novels from when I was growing up, only with more swearing to appeal to the definitely less adult, more teenage audience that the book feels aimed at, more so than either Chasing Shadows or Poet Anderson before it.

It's an extremely accessible, easy and interesting read, with enough twists and turns to keep you interested without ever becoming overly convoluted. All of the characters have an interesting back stories, with personalities gradually becoming deeper throughout the short book, revealing things about them and their histories. The locations and paranormal events are well described, and in some places quite anxiety provoking, which can only be a good thing for a ghost story.

If not ground breaking, the story is solid and enjoyable, and whilst I felt it wasn't quite as well written as Delonge's previous efforts, I'd still recommend to fans of science-fiction stories looking for a quick read.

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