#TheHitchHikersGuideToTheGalaxy Mini spoiler free review

I've been meaning to get around to reading The Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, as being an avid fan of all things nonsensical, witty and sci-fi, it sounds like a book that could've been written bespoke for me. That being said, I actually knew very little about it, other than what I've said already. I'd not seen the film and I've never read anything else by Douglas Adams before.

Now I've finished my second book of 2017 I'm glad to have given it a go. It's a short story about how life came to be, and how it came to not be... and is full of strange, far-away places, races and oddities. It's complete nonsense, yet somehow makes utter sense in it's own miraculous silli-verse - as if Monty Python had gotten together and written a space story. I half imagined witty cartoon cutaways as the descriptions from time to time.

Arthur, our main character, is saved from the desturction of planet Earth only by some impossible coincidence, having incidentally befriended a socially awkward alien on Earth and making a much needed trip to the pub before our speck of blue became obliterated by an alien race. Then, by many more unfathomable coincidences, meeting a 2 headed alien president; another earth evacuee, a socially depressive android and a pair of super intelligent white mice from an alternate dimension, the story attempts to deal with the galaxies seemingly never ending question - What is the meaning to life, existence and everything?

It turns out, the answer is rather unexpected, but not half as unexpected as the question.

In tradition, I'll avoid and further spoilers, but just say the book was incredibly easy to read - It's only short and the levity of the story had me in smiles frequently. The explanations, whilst bizarre do at least make sense within the context of this book and the sheer improbable nature of it all makes this silly fantasy read very enjoyable.

I also assumed that it would've dated badly, but coming to it in 2017 it still felt imaginative and a fresh read.

I'd recommend to fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Space, and good comedic writing - but not someone who likes something straight forward making sense in the context of our own existence...

Book two of 2017, I have done you!

Thanks for reading. Next up, some Bill Bryson!

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