#RetroToys - Power Rangers Ultrazord

Oh my this bad boy is HUGE!

Power Rangers were one of my all time favourite kids TV shows, and though it's dated rather noticeably the toys are arguably still quite epic, in both premise and prowess. The 'Ultrazord' shown here is a combination of all the 'Zords' from the original series - Megazord plus Dragonzord equals Megadragonzord, plus Titanus = ULTRAZORD! Grrr.... Check it out below! 

Despite some yellowing and a few missing bits in the way of one wing from the Pterodactyl Dinozord; the tip of Tyrannosaur’s' tail; the horns from Triceratops and Titanus’ chain, the set is in pretty good nick! Unfortunately, the years seem to have eaten the Megazord sword, too.

Check it out below!

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