#TheRestaurantAtTheEndOfTheUniverse spoiler free impressions

Douglas Adams' sequel to the infamous Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is just as magically ludicrous as the first begin where the former ends. Our favourite bi-headed alien Zaphod and familiar crew are persued to the point of destruction by a Vogon ship, unable to escape using the Improbibility drive thanks to our resident dressing-gown clad human confusing the computer by tasking it with making a decent cup of tea. Of course, it takes the spectral ancestor of Zaphod to save they day, splitting up the crew in a very bizarre fashion, and eventually shedding some light on why Zaphod may have the mahoosive ego he has, even for a two headed alien. 

Using many humerous themes from the previous book, the storys not hard to read, though can be a little tricky to follow, but is always entertaining, and had me smiling during the read a lot! It's also nice and short, and the book is physically small making it easy to read on a train or such. Not intrinsic to reviewing a story but I always find that a nice benefit!

So, if you're going to witness the end of the universe and everything, then why not stop at the restaurant at the end of the Universe for breakfast, first? Definitely worth a read - fans of the first book, Red Dwarf, Spaced etc,,,

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