#StarWars Episode 1 Movie Novelisation by Terry Brooks mini review

Unlike the vast majority of Star Wars fans, I don't hate the Episode 1 movie. It gives me a warm familiarity of nostalgia as an exciting new entry to the Star Wars universe from my childhood, and whilst I acknowledge it's flaws it doesn't stop my enjoyment of the film as a whole despite including the likes of Jar Jar Binks...

The novel by Terry Brooks is an accurate retelling of the plot from the movie, in which the planet of Nabboo is subject to a trade embargo by the cowardly and greedy Trade Federation. The Jedi travel to negotiate with the trade federation and are instead greeted with the beginnings of a plot to invade the peaceful world below forcing the young queen of Nabboo to sign a treaty making their illicit actions legal. 

In their initial escape of the planet, the Jedi, queen and accompanying crew find themselves marooned on Tatooine in the Hutt controlled Mos Espa which is just as much a hive of scum and villainy as we've come to expect from the desert planet. Encountering Anakin Skywalker, a young boy so evidently strong in the force, the troop have to rely on the boy to help gamble their way to escape, by entering him the popular but deadly pod races...

When they accompany the Queen in her return to the planet, they set in motion a plot to defeat the trade federation and their invading droid army, teaming up with the comical Jar Jar Binks and his fellow Gungans and taking on the mysterious and presumed destroyed dark lord of the sith. 

The story is written in such a way to add little bits of extra insights into characters feelings and emotions, for Anakin's obvious infatuation with Padme is definitely more apparent than in the films. The action sequences are really well written and kept me glued to the story throughout. 

Subtle nuances in character action, such as nods or winks are alluded to add to the reality of the conspiracies intertwining. The locations, vehicles and weapons are well detailed and I feel the book is what the film would've been with a little more time spent on it. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and recommend it to anyone interested in the canon of Star Wars stories and novels. 

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