#StarWars The Old Republic - Annihilation Mini Review

Annihilation is the fourth story in The Old Republic series of novels, Despite being of Jedi heritage, our lead character Theron Shan posses no natural affinity or command of the force, yet is talented in other methods of combat and subterfuge in his role as a republic spy. 

Shan teams up with Jace Malcom, commander of the republic military to help neutralise the Ascendant Spear, a new type of imperial battle cruiser captained by aspiring Sith lord Darth Karrid. Karrid is being considered for a role within the Dark Council, the old republic's dark side version of the Jedi council. As Darth Malgus' old apprentice, the council have their reservations, and Karrid is constantly striving to prove herself more capable and worthy of the title of Sith despite her heritage and history. 

Throughout the tale if intertwining characters, all of whom have interesting back stories and histories, the story is often tense, exciting and detailed in it's retelling of these events of the galactic war. The cold war elements of infiltration, spying as well as more traditional combat based affairs help this book stand out from the crowd, and the fact that our main character is of Jedi descent without being proficient in the force makes it all the more interesting. 

There's quite a lot to take into consideration here in terms of continuity, and the book does a good job with previous source material tying tidily into previous Old Republic novels and video games. This only serves to add to the expanding Old Republic universe and makes the history feel more rich and believable. Any story that manages to do this whilst still maintaining a good, exciting pace throughout is definitely one I'd recommend to any other Star Wars book lovers out there. 

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