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#StarWars The Approaching Storm mini review

The Approaching Storm is the prequel novel to Attack Of The Clones. The grand republic is crumbling and more and more systems to look succeed from the republic entirely during this period of galactic uncertainty. One such planet is the seemingly insignificant world of Ansion, whose succession would potentially lead to a great number of other systems following suite. 
Ansion is a divided planet, split between the very traditional prairie dwelling nomads and the city residing business folk. Wishing to encroach ever further into the ancestral homes of the nomads    Obi-Wan Kenobi and his adolescent padowan Anakin, together with Luminara Unduli and her padowan Barris Offee are tasked with persuading the secessionist movements that remaining in the republic is beneficial for all those involved. 
The team of Jedi must negotiate with traditionalist nomads to come to an agreement with the city dwellers that can be beneficial for all, to convince the necessary factions to vote remain on this …

#StarWars Outbound Flight Novel Mini Review

Set prior to The Clone Wars in an era of political and economic uncertainty, Outbound Flight is Jedi master C'baoth's pet project of exploration; intending to take a colony of Jedi, force sensitive individuals and colonists to explore worlds in the unknown regions of space.

The story begins with the possibility of the mission perhaps being axed permanently much to C'baoth's disgust, and we are treated to some of the political maneuverings of Senator Palpatine, who even in these early stages in his rise to power is already plotting and manipulating those around him to bring about the demise of the Jedi and solidify his eventual place as ruler of the Empire.

Obi Wan and his just teenager apprentice Anakin Skywalker also make an appearance in Outbound Flight. Following a request from Mace Windu, the pair board the exploration project with the premise of discovering what happened to lost Jedi Vergeer from the story Rogue Planet, but with the secret agenda of monitoring…

The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Doriel Hay Mini Review

I wanted to make my last read of 2017 a seasonal one and so opted for The Santa Klaus Murder as a suitable Christmas themed typical murder mystery.

As is tradition, the entire Melbury family plus a few additions are holidaying at Sir Osmond Melbury's country residence of Flaxmere, all in an effort to maintain Sir Osmond's favour in order to stake a claim on whatever piece of the Melbury fortune they may be entitled to. When then, among the festivities, Sir Osmond's murder at the hands of one of the guests, staff or family in a Santa costume comes about, a tale of deceit, deception and disloyalty is told...

And it's told inventively by using accounts of events from different characters; the bulk is accounted for as musings by the chief investigator, but some of the family are tasked with putting their version of events to paper, which is then used to make up sections of the narrative. 

The conclusion, though not too shocking is quite satisfyingly told, and the story do…