#AttemptingNormal by Marc Maron mini book review

Marc Maron is a damaged individual, dealing with eating disorders, anxiety, self loathing and addiction, which of course makes him perfect for a career in comedy. 

In Attempting Normal, Maron details events from his life that hold significant real estate in his memory of his struggles to find where he fits in in the grand scheme. Navigating through life Marc is tasked with many cats, encounters with prostitutes, fear of flying, dysfunctional relationships and more, which he communicates in an often melancholy but very witty style of writing. His honesty and intelligence yet humbleness together with his very dry sense of humor make this collection of stories a joy to read and Marc comes across as a genuinely likable yet troubled human being. 

You'll recognize some of the stories from his podcast, but the written retelling adds a level of detail that you won't mind having heard it before. I found myself feeling blue; laughing out loud and occasionally grossed out by Marc's tales of his constant effort to find his place in the universe. This was an incredibly entertaining read and I'd wholly recommend for any fans of comedy, particularly that with a melancholy edge which I really love. 

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