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#StarWars The Clone Wars: Wild Space Mini Book Review

The Clone Wars: Wild Space is the second in the series of Clone Wars books, tying in and around the TV series of the same name. This book is written by Karen Miler and tells the story of the unlikely partnership of Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and Galactic Senator Bail Organa, when, after receiving intelligence from an unknown yet previously trustworthy source of Organa's, journey past even the outer rim into Wild Space to investigate rumors of a Sith Holocron's existence within a temple on the planet of Zigoola. Little do they know they're springing a trap concocted by mastermind Palpatine, who hopes to see the downfall of Kenobi and Organa in one fell swoop.

As the two reach the planet, Obi Wan is tormented with disturbing visions pushed upon him by the Sith, forcing him to crash land the ship with the duo barely escaping with their lives. Now, stranded on this Sith haven, Obi Wan and Bail must journey to the Sith Temple on limited supplies and with Obi-Wan constantly tor…

#ABoyMadeOfBlocks by Keith Stuart Mini Review

A boy made of blocks follows the events of Alex's struggles with life. The already difficult job of parenting is made harder by his son, Sam's autism diagnosis and an overly demanding job. Unable to put up with Alex's lack of involvement with Sam, the book begins after his partner Jody has kicked him out of their family home and Alex has gone to live in the flat of his best friend.

As Alex's situation goes gradually from bad to worse, suffering some intense depressive states and being made redundant from his work he eventually begins to pull things back by relating to his son over the video game Minecraft. The blank canvas nature of the video game helps bring out Sam's intelligence and creativity, and he and dad begin to form a closer relationship as they begin gaming together.

The supporting cast of characters from Alex's family and friends to new possible romantic encounters are all colorfully described and events from everyone's lives intertwine and for…