#MeTalkPrettyOneDay by David Sedaris mini review

After only recently discovering David Sedaris through BBC Radio 4 Extra and enjoying his story telling on there, I decided to give one of his books a go.

Broken in to two halves, the book is a collection of stories from David's life and his humerus observations about events and the world around him. The 2nd half is from his brilliant perspective has a French student living in Paris.

There are so many funny tales in the book, from his exploits into performance Art and Drugs, often at the same time; his fascination with Taxidermy and yes Mr Taxidermist, though I am after a stuffed owl I definitely do want to touch the human body part you have stored in a bag behind the counter, but how could you have possible known that about me? His struggles with his incredibly aggressive French teacher in Paris have laugh out loud moments and his broken not quite correct grasp of the language that inspires the title really had me chuckling.

Though not always laugh out loud, Sedaris is an extremely competent story teller, and the way he retells events, describes characters and relationships in his life and generally talks about making his way in the universe is somehow really comforting to read.

It's definitely bizarre, but endearing, entertaining and genuinely witty. Highly recommended.

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