Star Wars Literature

I love Star Wars. It's a brilliantly portrayed, futuristic (yet also somehow a long, long time ago...) take on the classic tale of the struggles between good and evil. But what I love about Star Wars in addition to the epic saga of films is the ever evolving and largely continuous universe that surrounds it.

The world of Star Wars literature, television, audio-books, video games, board games, comic books and more all add to the vibrant, eclectic and constantly well thought out world of Star Wars characters and societies. I have a special fondness for Star Wars literature and over the last few years have amassed a sizeable collection of books from a galaxy far, far away.

I adore how they tie in to the films, delving into the backstories of characters both familiar and new, They look at clashing societies, different cults and creeds and always attempt to illuminate you to new ideas, concepts and revelations of how events from the main canon of films came to fruition.

A rich and vibrant history of a similarly rich and vibrant galaxy is brought even closer to the realms of reality and realms of the believable not only in the quantity of material, but more often than not by the quality, forethought and the consideration for detail the authors have for the source material, as well as their obvious and evident affection for Lucas' masterpiece. 

And so, I am attempting to make some sort of logical progression through the timeline of output from throughout the Star Wars chronology, prior to 'A New Hope', stopping only at comic books as I simply don't have the room to acquire and store yet another collection.

Using a timeline from the website I have amended a list of Star Wars novels to try and create a logical and chronological checklist for myself to work through, and once read linking each title to the relevant blog post detailing my thoughts and impressions on the story. It ain't like dustin' crops, boy... But I'm sure I'll eventually work my way through the rather immense catalogue. May the force be with me! 

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