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#DoctorWho #TenLittleAliens Mini Spoiler-Free Book Review

Stephen Coles is an ex contributor to a magazine about Agatha Christie stories, and his writing show's this. It often feels like a cross between the pseudo-scientific romps of the Doctor and the ever twisting and turning tales of a good old fashioned murder mystery.

My experience with the original Doctor in the TV series is limited, but Coles does an excellent job of representing this Doctor as I would expect; old and slightly frail, a little pompous and intelligent in a calculating consulting detective kind of way. The companions in this story, Ben and Polly, are also represented well, Ben feeling like a kind of old time London cockney version of the 10th Doctor's Mickey, and Polly a colourful, miniskirt wearing 60s kind of hipster.

In the story, the Tardis takes the trio in to the middle of what is supposed to be a training exercise for a post Earth militia, currently in an ongoing war with a force known as the Schirr who are in turn collaborating with the evil and mysteri…

#PaintYourDragon by Tom Holt Mini Spoiler-Free Review

Paint Your Dragon is a very untraditional tale about the traditional forces of good and evil and some very popular misconceptions about these to poles of morality.

Sculptress Bianca is tasked with creating a statues to take pride of place in Birmingham's Centenary Square (Set in 1999). When the 2 subjects, George and the Dragon, independently vanish and reappear, Bianca somehow finds herself in a age old dispute and some good old fashioned gambling rigging.

In a version of our universe where time is bought and sold, demons go on coach trips, haunted word processors take over souls and where famous statues seem to come seemingly at to life, are all apparently commonplace events, Tom Holt does a fine job of creating a witty tale weaving between different and well described characters almost seamlessly. Things do get a little confusing about 2 thirds of the way through, but if you soldier on it all comes together eventually in a nice, rounded, albeit unusual conclusion.

I like Tom …