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#PoetAnderson In Darkness by #TomDelonge mini review

In Darkness is the second novel in the adventures by the unlikely combo that is Pop Punk star goes sci-fi author Tom Delonge (of blink-182, Angels and airwaves and Box Car Racer) and New York Times best selling author Suzanne Young (The Program series of books).

Following the adventures of Jonas Anderson, whose abilities as a Poet allow him to travel between the waking and dream worlds at will, the dream world being an completely alternate reality accessible when asleep and somewhere where Poet Anderson finds himself with unique powers, from creating and harnessing weapons to controlling the entire dreamscape and it's atmospheric conditions. Poet's powers are unusually powerful, but the other poets in the stories also have unusual powers, from immense strength and speed to the ability to stop time.

The original story ended after an encounter with REM, the big baddy of the dream world who seeks to take it over for himself and inflict himself upon the waking world too. With the…

#StarWars #RepublicCommando by Karen Traviss mini review

The first in the series of Republic Commando novels from the Star Wars universe sees a group of commando troopers thrust together due to the unfortunate circumstances of war. Each being the sole survivor of their original teams, they find themselves thrust into a new squad of strangers and sent to infiltrate a new chemical research facility and extract the leading science officer from the world of Qillura.

As they crash land upon the planet, one clone trooper is cut off from the rest of the group, convening with Jedi Padowan Etain Tur-Mukan; a self confidence lacking student Jedi who is struggling to stay alive after her Master was killed on the planet. She and clone trooper Darman develop an interesting relationship in the book. It's not one of romance, but of mutual respect. Darman helps Etain to bring out her inner confidence and leader whilst Etain comes to understand Darman not simply as a clone, but as an individual. The entire subject of the morality of using clones for an…