Little things

Sometimes it's the little things that are life's greatest pleasures. After an extremely sunny walk home around the local lake rocking the newest Dance Gavin Dance album on my cans, I thought I best do something productive. I managed to get some paid website work done whilst sitting in the garden basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun. 

I've also managed to watch some Clone Wars, play Child of Light and read some more of the final Darth Bane novel. I cooked a healthy tea too. 

It's been a pretty good day at school as well. A large portion of the afternoon was spent in a singing rehearsal for an upcoming concert with my year group which I am excited for (arguably more so than the kids). People have been commenting again on my weight loss which is keeping me determined to maintain my momentum. I'm actually just feeling pretty content right now, and thought I'd share that with whomever finds their way here. 

I've been keeping an eye on proceedings at E3 too. Some very promising stuff so far. I especially enjoyed the Star Wars Battlefront insider. It really seems like Dice are trying their hardest with it.

Anyway, if you do happen to wind up here, feel free to say hi. I don't bite! 

I hope you've also had a nice day. x

Screenshot from the IGN YouTube post of the Battlefront First Look


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