Bleurgh. Happy Monday!

I'm writing this after a large swig of Night Nurse on a Monday morning. Safe to say I'm not going into work today, as I'm full of phlegm and coughing a lot. Sexy, right? Form an orderly queue...

I still feel bad for having time off, even though I'm genuinely feeling sick, and when there are always others in any job that seem to take more time off supposedly sick than time they actually spend working. Guess I'm just a good egg. 

Anyway it was quite a nice weekend, despite trying to ward off the cold that I have inevitably failed to do so. Had a curry Friday night, plain rice; lots of veg in an attempt to stay at least remotely healthy. 

Saturday I spent doing jobs I needed to do for the main part, with some new GTA thrown in occasionally for good measure. Anything to avoid doing actual work. 

I sorted out my wardrobes, something I've been meaning to do for a while. My so far successful weight loss means that a lot of my clothes are now way too big. It seemed presumptuous to throw them out though, so I've made a big bag of clothes to keep just in case. Despite knowing it'll cost me to replace these things, I do feel good about how much I have lost. Will definitely be keeping it up. You can see the difference on a pair of jeans that used to fot quite comfortably below... 

Saturday evening I visited Riley's in Birmigham to play Pool with some Uni friends. It was a good evening, and in my Pool tradition I was quite good after a couple to drink, then back to being shoddy after a few more. Discussed going away again with them this summer, but I really want to get something booked now... 

Sunday I spent recovering. A combination of too much whiskey and a stinking cold making me feel awful for most of the day. I've started watching The Big Bang Theory from the beginning as it's easy to watch and good and light hearted. 

I've also been taking some brave new steps into the world of GTAV. I wasn't sure at first as to whether I was enjoying it or just going through the motions, but after a few more missions and the introduction of Trevor I believe I am now having fun. It's witty, good looking and controls well for the most part making it very satisfying. Will definitely keep this up too. 

Anyway just a shortish blog about life in general this time. Hope you're well. Speak soon :-) x

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