Connor Oberst & Dawes

Only knowing (but definitely liking) the most recent of Conor Oberst's stuff as well as a handful of Bright Eyes, I asked my friend if I could accompany him to this gig mainly as I know and like a lot more Dawes.

Dawes were extremely tight and sounded much heavier than they do on CD, with lots of guitar solos thrown in for good measure. 'From a window seat' I particulary remember being really good fun to see live. 

They went on to accompany Conor for his set, and did not disappoint. Again nice and tight, they seem really close and friendly, not just a singer and backing band, but good mates. Oberst puts all his emotion into everything, evident from the quietest acoustic solo to the more rocky stuff with 2 electric guitars cranked to 11. I especially liked that for one song in the encore, a whole new amp was brought on, simply as more gain was needed. Nice. 

The venue was lovely too - a place called KoKo in Camden. Looking like an old world theatre with added mirror ball, it was full of good views of the stage, with lots of bars and tiered levels with some seating. Would recommend. 

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