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Summer Holidays Have Started!

Yes indeedio they have! I need to do a bit of work at some point but at the moment I'm having some down time being tidy and trying to stay healthy whilst I'm not working. Being at home all day is difficult for this, especially when others at home have little self discipline. But I'm still going strong, still doing weights and today some new jeans arrived that are 14 inches smaller than my biggest size. And they fit rather comfortably, making me a very smiley bean. 
Yesterday, I went for a catch up in Sutton Park with folks from Uni. It was ace fun - we had a kick about, played frisby and with a whistling Nerf, and got to lay down in the sun on an expanse of very green grass punctuated by the occasional enormous tree. This morning, muscles I hadn't used in a while ache slightly (though not my arms, so my weight training must be doing something right) but it was totally worth it. Well done to my buddy for suggesting something different. I'm hoping to get in a game nig…

Seaside Trip & Other Ramblings

The sun is shining in Birmingham today more than it ever did on our short break way to Whitby this week. I'm already very warm, and currently avoiding the sun anyway possible, when what I really should be doing is soaking it up to make some effort to remove my pasty status and become somewhat healthy looking between my neck and knees.

It was a long drive down, for which I was entertained by bouts of Bowie, Floyd and Toto from my iPod through the car's speakers, forcing everyone else to be entertained by them too. I also took my beloved 3DS of course, and decided to have another crack at Bravely Default. I do like the game; it looks stunning, has a likeable cast and generally very high production qualities. It's unfortunate then that at times it feels a little 'rinse and repeat'. This is unaided by the one piece of music used for all dungeons. I also find that, despite being able to easily take care of enemies in an area, the predictable end of area boss is always mu…

Post Staff Do

Cracking night out in Birmingham with folks from work was had last night, celebrating/commiserating (depending on your point of view) the departure of one of the teachers at work and my good friend. I'm glad it mostly went to plan for her, apart from the odd person being ill and unable to attend. Had a good amount of warm up whiskey before heading to All Bar One in Brindley Place. As the night spiralled feuled by increasingly eclectic mixes of alcohol we went on to The Slug opposite, culminating in some rather mad dancing on a revolving dance floor in Reflex.
Apart from losing my glasses which will cause me to live the next week or so surviving by squinting and using my prescription sunglasses, it was really good fun and lots of smiles and laughs were shared by everyone, and nobody was ill through over abuse of plonk (or they have yet to be honest about whether they were). 
Recovered today with a trip to Solihull with the same leaving friend, to order some new specs which will be he…


I completely loved this game. Like, really loved it. It has instantly become one of my favourite games ever. When I wasn't playing it, I missed it. I liked it so much I bought a WiiU eShop download and the PS3/4 collectors edition. Completely 100% worth it. 

It's a delightfully hand drawn, exquisitely written in rhyming couplets for the most part, fairy story. It blends the genre of side scrolling platformer and float 'em up (Auroroa, the heroine and main character learns to fly quite early on) with RPG exploration, item and skill management and turn based battles. 

I was never bored at all, the story is beautiful without being cliché, and the battle's timing system keeps things interesting throughout. The battle system allows you to time attacks to interrupt incoming attacks, but also allows the same to happen to you, resulting in missing a go. There is furthermore a large combination of mele, defensive and magic abilities for each unique and unlikely character you befr…

Connor Oberst & Dawes

Only knowing (but definitely liking) the most recent of Conor Oberst's stuff as well as a handful of Bright Eyes, I asked my friend if I could accompany him to this gig mainly as I know and like a lot more Dawes.
Dawes were extremely tight and sounded much heavier than they do on CD, with lots of guitar solos thrown in for good measure. 'From a window seat' I particulary remember being really good fun to see live. 
They went on to accompany Conor for his set, and did not disappoint. Again nice and tight, they seem really close and friendly, not just a singer and backing band, but good mates. Oberst puts all his emotion into everything, evident from the quietest acoustic solo to the more rocky stuff with 2 electric guitars cranked to 11. I especially liked that for one song in the encore, a whole new amp was brought on, simply as more gain was needed. Nice. 
The venue was lovely too - a place called KoKo in Camden. Looking like an old world theatre with added mirror ball, it w…