#StarWars #DarthPlagueis Mini Review

I am glad this book has come into existence. To find out about the events pre episode 1 was extremely intriguing to me, and more so to discover about the rise of Darth Sidious to Sith Lord.

The book is well crafted, and begins with the accession of Darth Plagueis, a tall and wealthy Muun, from apprentice to Sith Lord, following the murder of his master, Darth Tenebrous.

Darth Plagueis has an obsession with the Midi-Chlorians within all living things, and in particular learning the skill to manipulate them to prolong life, even his own. Whilst experimenting with these force techniques, he discretely manipulates Sidious's rise to political power, from an angst teen on Nabboo to the senate on Coruscant.

I was completely glued to this book and it's revealing story until I had to finally admit that I'd read it all. It does use a multitude of characters, company names and occasionally feels like Luceno was writing with a thesaurus never too far away, which sometimes caused me to re-read sections to make sure I knew who everyone was and what I'd actually read.

I won't talk anymore about the story to avoid spoilers, but I highly recommend this book for anyone with even a vague interest or affection for the Star Wars franchise and the expanded universe. It's a good book in it's own right. The fact it's faithful to the Star Wars universe makes it great. 

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