Friday, 22 December 2017

SuperPlay #48 Is Definitely Super! #RetroGaming #Nintendo

SuperPlay issue 48 is a collaboration between members of the original SuperPlay writers to mark the arrival of the new Nintendo SNES mini, released with October's issue of Retro Gamer magazine.

Fittingly, the cover is adorned for Fox McCloud from the Star Fox games, as one of the SNES minis oddities that hype was building for is the inclusion of Star Fox 2, originally axed for release on the original hardware due to ongoing changes in the gaming industry as a whole at the time. It's a lovely cover by Will Overton who also did a lot of the original art for the magazine originally.

The magazine goes on to look at the hardware of the SNES mini, and give a review of every title included on the console. Rather than review the games as they're remembered, the writers have reviewed the games from today's benchmarks, for example looking at the original Star Fox now is definitely more jarring an experience than the jaw dropping one it would've been back in '93.

Many that do hold the test of time are now firm staples in Nintendo's catalog; the Italian plummer's Super Mario World and his Lizard companion's Yoshi's Island both showing of Nintendo's skill at game design and pushing the hardware; Samus' Super Metroid shows how many of Nintendo's games set up genre defining staples still used to this day, such as power ups that allow for the further exploration of previously visited areas.

It's clear the writers here love the hardware and the games that are on it, but don't hesitate to give criticism where appropriate, for example Donkey Kong Country is reviewed at 77% where as the review from the time of release gave it a whopping 90%. 

Also mentioned are the games provided on the Famicom Mini, exclusive to Japanese owners, such as an entry in the now familiar Fire Emblem series, and a different version of Street Fighter 2. To finish, the magazine provides a list of omissions from the hardware which they'd very much like to see on a sequel to the hardware should Nintendo ever see fit to release one, including games such as the Donkey Kong sequels, TMNT: Turtles in Time and Pilotwings.

A lovely homage to the original hardware and a great way to celebrate the arrival of the SNES mini. For the many Nintendo Retro Gaming fans out there, this will be a must read.

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