#KingdomsOfAmalur #PS3 Impressions

A couple of screenshots taken with my (at the time) 5mp phone camera just to illustrate how beautiful Kingdoms Of Amalur is throughout the adventure. I loved playing this game; a fantasy action RPG where you play the first and only hero to have been resurrected by a device known as the Well Of Souls  before said device is destroyed. I'm a big fan of games like this and immediately comparisons to games like Dragon Age and Skyrim can be made. KOA as you can see is a lot more colourful than said games, and there's a lot more button pressing to execute quick paced real time combos with your choice of the wide variety of weapons on offer. The scale of Amalur is big, though falling short of the expansive lands of Skyrim, yet the unique art style make it a welcome break from the more serious looking offerings. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who's a fan of fantasy RPG's in any capacity, especially now it's been out for a while as it's a steal from most online vendors. Go go go!

Thanks for reading! abbott_56 (Photos originally posted on 20th June 2012 via tumblr)

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