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#StarWars #RedHarvest - mini review

I've never really been into the pop-horror scene and prefer my scares more psychological than gory, rather watching films like The Shining and the original Alien to that of say Saw or the Texas Chainsaw Masacre. I dislike gore for gores sake, and as such I've never really explored the horror literary scene either.

This Star Wars Novel written by Joe Schreiber is what happens when the Sci-Fi Galaxy from a long, long time ago and so very far away is introduced to Dawn of The Dead. I'm glad that despite my aversions to horror that I gave this a go and although it has quite a few shortcomings I found enjoyment reading Red Harvest.

Definitely falling into the gore side of horror, the story is a strange one. Our main Jedi is something of a botanist, and has a natural attunment to using the force to mainpulate plants. This straight away makes her an interesting and unique character within the Star Wars expanded universe, & opens exploration into Jedi institutions like the Ar…