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#CrimsonShroud 3DS

I bought the Crimson Shroud on a whim, having played some Level 5 stuff before and because it was on offer (and still is at time of writing) on the Nintendo 3DS e-shop. 
I'm a fan of the RPG genre, but have never really delved into the world of tabletop gaming before, apart from a little flurry with Munchin Quest. The Crimson Shroud is a return to the very traditional idea of turn based, dice rolling role playing games in the style of a video game. And I feel it does rather well.

The game plonks your character figurines, Giauque, Lippi and Frea in a gorgeous palace ruin. The first few battles serve as tutorials, showing the turn based basics and how actual dice rolls, which are done with the stylus, have effects throughout the battle. 
Furthermore, rather than characters levelling up, the game focusses on improving your existing gear, which you pick up from defeated enemies and then can meld together to improve further. The only downside to this I can see is that if you struggle on a…