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#GamesIPlayedThisHalfTerm #2

Again? Yeah sorry. A very quick week off full of friends, fun, fermented drink and of course, fames... Err games rather. Here's what I played and what I thought during the May 2013 half term. 

Alien: Colonial Marines

Sure, it's nothing like we were promised. And even then, it's far from perfect. But £8 preowned and a mate in your living room (or even in theirs with the withcraft that is online play) and it all comes together in a good co-operative romp through an averageish yet somehow compelling story in an Alien universe. Co-op is definitely the best bit of this game. Buy it cheap, find a mate; enjoy. 
Crimson Shroud

I dislike paying for a download, especially on Nintendo's E-Shop as they're normally far too overpriced, and I like having the physical copy. Lately though, they've nailed it a few times. Crimson Shroud was on for less than a £5a and is a brilliant traditional spin on a modern video game RPG. You can see my blog for a more detailed look, but if you l…