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So last Friday, and not a moment too soon, another half term was upon us. It feels both an age and no time at all since we started back in September, helping all the little darlings on their way to SATS glory. And as usual, a great chance to catch up on some gaming presented itself. Here's what I got up to over the week...

Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (WiiU)

Oh my! It's the already gorgeous Wind Waker, but in HD! And with WiiU controls which, whilst not revolutionary, make equipping, sailing and conducting a joy, utilising the touch screen superbly yet without killing it. Just what you'd expect from Nintendo. This is truly excellent and what your WiiU was made for. That is, until the next original Zelda on WiiU arrives. This has been lovingly crafted and updated, and bar the occasionally lag when things get busy, and a few (and I mean a few) pop up enemies/scenery is perfect. Buy it yesterday. Go!
Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

I've never ever played a Fire Emblem game before. E…

Star Wars - The Old Republic #FatalAlliance Book

For me, Sean Williams' 'Fatal Alliance' was a difficult book to get in to. As you can probably see from a few past blog entries, I was really enjoying reading through some of the novels from the expanded Star Wars universe for a while. Even when they were badly written or lifting bits straight out of films starring Liam Neeson *cough*RedHarvest*cough* it was still good fun to discover new characters and places, as well as revisiting familiar ones. 
The book begins with a tantalising prologue; a smuggler called Jet Nebula, and his crew discover a ship called the Cinzia, which, after a short back and forth between the Jet and a strange voice on board the Cinzia, makes the decision to self destruct rather than risk being boarded. What could've been so important it deserved total inhalation over being stolen by a band of smugglers. 
After this the book jumps between new characters from chapter to chapter, including a Jedi, Sith, Ex-Special Forces agent and a Sith informer po…