Monday, 30 June 2014

Bleurgh. Happy Monday!

I'm writing this after a large swig of Night Nurse on a Monday morning. Safe to say I'm not going into work today, as I'm full of phlegm and coughing a lot. Sexy, right? Form an orderly queue...

I still feel bad for having time off, even though I'm genuinely feeling sick, and when there are always others in any job that seem to take more time off supposedly sick than time they actually spend working. Guess I'm just a good egg. 

Anyway it was quite a nice weekend, despite trying to ward off the cold that I have inevitably failed to do so. Had a curry Friday night, plain rice; lots of veg in an attempt to stay at least remotely healthy. 

Saturday I spent doing jobs I needed to do for the main part, with some new GTA thrown in occasionally for good measure. Anything to avoid doing actual work. 

I sorted out my wardrobes, something I've been meaning to do for a while. My so far successful weight loss means that a lot of my clothes are now way too big. It seemed presumptuous to throw them out though, so I've made a big bag of clothes to keep just in case. Despite knowing it'll cost me to replace these things, I do feel good about how much I have lost. Will definitely be keeping it up. You can see the difference on a pair of jeans that used to fot quite comfortably below... 

Saturday evening I visited Riley's in Birmigham to play Pool with some Uni friends. It was a good evening, and in my Pool tradition I was quite good after a couple to drink, then back to being shoddy after a few more. Discussed going away again with them this summer, but I really want to get something booked now... 

Sunday I spent recovering. A combination of too much whiskey and a stinking cold making me feel awful for most of the day. I've started watching The Big Bang Theory from the beginning as it's easy to watch and good and light hearted. 

I've also been taking some brave new steps into the world of GTAV. I wasn't sure at first as to whether I was enjoying it or just going through the motions, but after a few more missions and the introduction of Trevor I believe I am now having fun. It's witty, good looking and controls well for the most part making it very satisfying. Will definitely keep this up too. 

Anyway just a shortish blog about life in general this time. Hope you're well. Speak soon :-) x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Little things

Sometimes it's the little things that are life's greatest pleasures. After an extremely sunny walk home around the local lake rocking the newest Dance Gavin Dance album on my cans, I thought I best do something productive. I managed to get some paid website work done whilst sitting in the garden basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun. 

I've also managed to watch some Clone Wars, play Child of Light and read some more of the final Darth Bane novel. I cooked a healthy tea too. 

It's been a pretty good day at school as well. A large portion of the afternoon was spent in a singing rehearsal for an upcoming concert with my year group which I am excited for (arguably more so than the kids). People have been commenting again on my weight loss which is keeping me determined to maintain my momentum. I'm actually just feeling pretty content right now, and thought I'd share that with whomever finds their way here. 

I've been keeping an eye on proceedings at E3 too. Some very promising stuff so far. I especially enjoyed the Star Wars Battlefront insider. It really seems like Dice are trying their hardest with it.

Anyway, if you do happen to wind up here, feel free to say hi. I don't bite! 

I hope you've also had a nice day. x

Screenshot from the IGN YouTube post of the Battlefront First Look

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Star Wars - Darth Bane #RuleOfTwo

Rule of Two picks up exactly where Path of Destruction left off. The thought bomb has done irreparable damage to the world of Russann, as well as destroying the Dark Brotherhood and 100 Jedi. We are immediately introduced to Darovit, an emergency Jedi recruit turned Sith midway through the war. No over, he no longer has any allegiance to either side, but seeks answers for the mindless destruction. He journeys down the caves where the thought bomb was detonated, finding at the centre of it all, an abomination against nature. 

Darth Bane and his new found apprentice, Zannah, cousin to Darovit, go to see the epicentre of the explosion too. Zannah is learning quickly the lessons Bane puts to her, and in the caverns they meet Darovit. Whilst Bane would've just killed him, in a last act of mercy Zannah takes Darovit's arm, sparring him from the wrath of Bane. Darovit is scarred mentally, and is convinced by some Bouncers to love his days as an ordinary man. 

After destroying some wartime scavengers, but purposefully leaving some to tell the tale of the surviving Sith, Zannah is curious as to why. Bane explains that the Sith must exist as rumours and secrets, infiltrating the galaxy as just two, the master and apprentice. Zannah is commanded by Bane to find her own way to Onderon, whilst Bane goes off in search of a Sith Holocron. 

Meanwhile, Johun hears from the crazed wartime scavengers about the destructive Sith Lord. Eager for revenge he tries to convince his new master of their existence, but is argued down through logic and reason. 

This story is an interesting journey through the training of Zannah, the quest for ancient Sith knowledge by Bane, and the life of the Jedi and now hermit Darovit. All of these lives become intertwined to culminate in an unexpected twist at the end. I am constantly compelled to find out about the holocrons Bane searches for and the exploration of ancient Sith tombs and strongholds. There are some really well written battle scenes, and Banes extreme fury always makes it exciting. The detail provided during lightsaber combat really helps you to envision. 

In all, a successful follow up and great entry in the story of Bane. One more to go. 

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