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For those of you that have read my blog or twitter feed before, you might know that I've been trying to improve my lifestyle and get healthy. When I started that was my goal, not focussing on weight loss in particular, but just trying to make sensible decisions with regards to diet and life, hopefully making myself less prone to horrible, nasty illnesses resulting from being unhealthy.

Todays society seems to be moving slowly, bit by bit towards the scenario displayed on the Pixar film Wall-E, with lots of very large people moving around in hover chairs, because they simply do not have the need to exercise anymore. Except we don't have hover chairs yet. Or funky robots (just because I want a funky robot). This means we get all the bad stuff, with no cool technological advancement as a trade off. Unfair.

Junk foods are quick, cheap and accessible everywhere, where as healthy alternatives are often more time consuming to prepare, definitely more expensive and not nearly as easy …