Tuesday, 9 December 2014

#WeightLossUpdate 13 months on.

The diet has been going now for roughly 13 or so months. My previous blog on my weight loss challenge I worked out I started out back then at about 24 stone before making a conscious effort to improve both my health and appearance.

In the colder months it has been more difficult remaining disciplined in what I've been choosing to eat. It's winter; it's soon to be Christmas - all you want to do is eat rich, fattening comfort foods and treats, punctuated with sweet mulled wines and ciders. 

I think the reason I'm able to continue is that I've not cut out any food group completely at all - I just avoid a carb heavy diet, but do eat some rather than going full Atkins, making healthier substitutions where I can (I don't eat any bread though as I just enjoy it too much - pretty sure 1 slice would quickly escalate into 1 million loaves,). I still drink - but avoid beers and ciders replacing them with whisky, gin and other shorts with diet mixers. 

In fact I did have to up my food intake slightly, after having a couple of days at work where I felt incredibly faint throughout the day - I've upped my breakfast to include 40g of porridge, a fat free yoghurt and some grapes along with my trusty banana. I haven't gained any weight from doing this - quite the opposite - and I find I have much more energy in the day. 

I have upped my weight lifting, doing 2 sessions a day instead of 1. This was because with the cold nights drawing in I've stopped walking home from work but wanted to maintain my exercise. I'm thinking about taking up swimming as well to make sure I keep my legs active. 

My lunch is the same - 40g wholewheat pasta and veg, and then my main meal is often but not exclusively salad based. I just happen to really enjoy my salad! I'm trying to eat earlier of an evening as well, doing my second set of weights after tea to work through some of those calories. 

This seems to be working so far, and at my most recent weigh in I was at 13St & 12lb. Just over a 10St loss in total. Not too shabby. 

It's definitely nice having people notice the improvement, and I definitely feel better. I recently registered at our local doctors and had my first ever good blood pressure reading. 



These blogs are just for me really as a bit of a journal, but feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions. Thanks for reading. 

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