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#WeightLossUpdate 13 months on.

The diet has been going now for roughly 13 or so months. My previous blog on my weight loss challenge I worked out I started out back then at about 24 stone before making a conscious effort to improve both my health and appearance.

In the colder months it has been more difficult remaining disciplined in what I've been choosing to eat. It's winter; it's soon to be Christmas - all you want to do is eat rich, fattening comfort foods and treats, punctuated with sweet mulled wines and ciders. 
I think the reason I'm able to continue is that I've not cut out any food group completely at all - I just avoid a carb heavy diet, but do eat some rather than going full Atkins, making healthier substitutions where I can (I don't eat any bread though as I just enjoy it too much - pretty sure 1 slice would quickly escalate into 1 million loaves,). I still drink - but avoid beers and ciders replacing them with whisky, gin and other shorts with diet mixers. 
In fact I did have to u…