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#HealthyLiiving & #Weightloss update (14 months)

Roughly a month since my last post I wanted to post about how things have been going. It's been a very hard month on the healthy eating front, but as of my latest weigh in I'm 13 stone dead, an 11 stone total loss since I started consciously trying to improve my lifestyle.

I'd been feeling a little weak from time to time, especially mid mornings at work, and I thought this was due to me being anaemic, being that for a long time my main food stuffs was indeed salad. I started taking a couple of extra vitamins, added a low cal protein mix to my porridge and decided to see a doctor to make sure it wasn't anything serious and to get some advice. 
I'd also been getting a bit down about things, for no real reason - life has been bloody good of late. Work is same old but it finally seems to be going places - love life is going really well with someone I really like and I'm still trying to be sociable when I can. I'm normally such a happy chappy, even when life doesn…