East Midlands Chilli, Artisan and Beer Festival

We only visited the East Midlands chilli, artisan and beer festival on the second day of the mini festival weekend. It very much felt like the second day - the weather was a little moist and the general crowd seemed to very much be recovering from the night's previous antics. But we'd attended the festival not for the music really, but for the chillies. And on that front I was not disappointed! 

There was a massive variety of stalls selling plants, sauces, chutneys, food, booze, nibbles etc, which was great for me. I invested in a large quantity of sauces, all of which were available for tasting before purchase. And though I didn't partake in any of the food on offer, there was a great variety for meat lovers - grilled meats, paella, chilli themed dishes, ice cream, but my veggie sister only found a vegetable pie to tempt her tastebuds

So, I got what I went for - a pleasant day out with the big sis, lots of chilli sauce and some chilli plants. It would've been nice to have more music on for the time we were there, maybe more smaller acoustic stages instead of one big music tent. I also think they could've made more of the craft element of the festival, as while chilli, food and plant stands were frequent, the few craft stalls that were there felt a little out of place. 

In all, I'd recommend this kind of event for any chilli lovers, but if you're after a bit of a party, make sure to go for the first day and maybe sleep over.

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