#YesPlease by Amy Poehler

It's been a while since I've read something other than the i newspaper or a cheesy Star Wars novel, but upon seeing Amy's ridiculously bright book cover in Waterstones, then realising it was buy one get one half price (this is definitely important) I just couldn't resist. I'm a massive fan of Parks And Recreation and will endeavour to seek out more of Any's television and film work now I've read this semi-auto-biographical collection of humorous essays about her life, from how she broke into comedy and television, to her family life and raising of her two sons, covering much more in between. I don't like explaining too much about books when I do these mini reviews but just wanted to type up my impressions straight after finishing my read through. 

I didn't find the book laugh out loud funny as stated in some reviews I'd seen. It is funny, and I did chuckle occasionally, but more often than not it was making me smile rather lovingly, like sharing old stories with a really good friend that you've not seen for some time. That's how it feels reading this book - it's comforting, life affirming, witty and emotional and genuinely insightful. I wish I knew Any Poehler but Yes Please is definitely a good alternative. She comes across always intelligent yet never too much - and she's humble, something I consider important. She's obviously talented but she is always seemingly grateful at the opportunities she's been afforded through her life, and how events bad and good have shaped her. Her essays on her career in comedy are illuminating and interesting, and her almost self-help style life advice is genuinely, well, helpful. 

Anyone interested even remotely in Any Poehler's body of work will feel like they're catching up with an old friend when they read Yes Please. And if you're not, then it's a still a great read about an extremely talented and beautiful (but non symmetrical) actress, writer, director, producer and comedian; mother, sister, friend, hipster, stoner, drinker and authentically human funny person. 

Should you read Poehler's book? Yes Please. 

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