I forgot to add yesterday that I've also taken to Twitter recently using the hashtag #3GoodThings to remind myself of at least 3 good things that have made my day, every day. 

This could be something as small as enjoying my superbly crafted (if I do say so myself) porridge in the morning, to a good day at work, to seeing friends or simply catching up on some much needed me time. 

It doesn't matter what, as long as each of those 3 things has made me smile or content in some way, shape or form. And it helps keep me in good spirits, knowing that it's the little things that often do make me feel content. I find this is also helping me avoid slumps in mood, as I'm reminding myself on a daily basis about what makes me smile. 

Check out my twitter feed at www.twitter.com/abbott_56 and why not join me in making yourself aware of what makes you smile? #3GoodThings

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