#OneRedPaperclip by Kyle Macdonald

One Red Paperclip is the story of one Canadian's rather epic tale of becoming a true entrepreneur.

Kyle Macdonald begins by telling us of how he has become stuck in a rut with life, struggling to find work, waking up late and generally spinning his back wheels trying to get anywhere. He makes the decision to embark in a game he used to play growing up called bigger and better, the concept of which is simply to take any odd, mundane or downright stupid item and aim to trade it for something bigger and better. If you hadn't guessed already, Kyle begins with one red paperclip.

Growing up there were rumours of people trading up to things as immense as cars. Kyle makes it his mission to trade up to a house for him and his girlfriend, making 14 trades, each slightly more impressive then the last, for a variety of reasons. What's nice about this story, is not only is it based on completely true events, but Kyle is constantly aware of his moral compass - he does not want to to trade straight to a house later with a company that believe it will get them good press - he wants to trade his items or experiences to genuinely help or enrich the quality of life of other individuals.

This is a gripping, interesting, funny and quirky tale, with some downright odd trades keeping the story fresh and interesting, broken up with Kyle's opinions and attitudes towards life; about staying grounded, genuine, and being passionate about whatever it is you may be doing, no matter how insignificant you may feel it is. An excellent read.

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