#BigFish spoiler free mini book review

I am yet to see the film adaptation of Big Fish, but I'd heard possitive things and decided to give the book a go first. The tale of the prolonged death of William Bloom's father, diagnosed terminally ill, the book explores the relationship between a father and son through a series of conversations between parent and child, utlising a unique mixture of both humor and sadness, creating something that is completely neither, but that is curiously melancholly throughout. I enjoyed this type of empathic story telling, and felt very connect to William throughout, feeling his frustrations, regrets and joys along with him as he struggled to find out more about his father, who seems determined to present himself through a facade of well told, bad jokes and stories of his past, which we are never quite sure how many of which are actually true.

Not a difficult read, despite the complex issues dealt with here, and nicely paced throughout, the stories within the story model works well at delving into the relationships William's father has with the wider world, and with his son, and I was capitvated by the book for a few solid days. I recomend to anyone who like me, from time to time at least, enjoys that melancholly feeling.

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