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Star Wars #Maul:Lockdown spoiler free mini review

Getting in to Lockdown by Joe Schreiber took me a few attempts before becoming truly interested. I'm glad I gave the story the persistence it deserves though, as the previous book in the Star Wars timeline, Darth Plagueis, is one of my favorites, and Lockdown gives us further insight into the relationship not only between Maul and his master, Darth Sidious, but also of that between Sidious and Plagueis. Both Plagueis and Maul are two of my favorite characters in the extended Star Wars universe, so I was happy to be able to delve into their histories whilst being entertained by a well written story.

Maul has been sent to a prison named Cog Hive Seven by Sidious, in an effort to obtain a nuclear weapon and pass this into the hands of an organisation who will detonate the device within the senate. Though primarily Sidious' plan, Plagueis decides to intervene, not knowing his apprentices true intentions, sending a minion from his banking clan into the prison to monitor progress.