LOTR #TheFellowshipOfTheRing mini book review

Okay, so not a review as such - everyone already knows this is a fantasy classic. People who know me and are aware of my reading tastes will know I've always been a huge fan of Tolkien's The Hobbit, but I've been bested by The Fellowship a few times, for some reason not being able to get into it.

I'm not sure what changed this time around - I think just simply I've been reading more and have a better concentration for this kind of thing. This time I was able to appreciate and enjoy the story to it's fullest.

What I really enjoyed are the long and detailed descriptions of Middle Earth's varied, beautiful and terrifying lands. I was really able to detach myself from my experience of the LOTR films and create my own Middle Earth with my imagination, though admittedly it's difficult to imagine anyone other than Sir Ian Mckellen playing Gandalf.

There are sometimes long gaps between action sequences, but when they come they too are incredibly well written, really keeping up the pace. In my minds eye I could really picture some of the brutality, in an almost Matrix style bullet time fashion, especially the sequence with the Black Riders at Weathertop.

There are bit's of the story that seem somewhat bizarre, and I can totally see why they're not in the film, for example the section containing Tom Bombadill seemed a bit unnecessary, though I'm assured by other LOTR fans that he has a reconbitulation in the later stories that explain this a little further? Still, I was never bored and was completely hooked until I'd finished reading my Mum's old, battered school copy.

I'm taking a break from Tolkien to get through some other stories I've been meaning to crack on with, but I fully intend to at least finish the rest of the trilogy now, and am a little appalled it's taken this long.

I would like to say to anyone who hasn't read this that you won't be disappointed, as long as you have the perseverance to deal with the antiquated language, it really is an exhilarating and absorbing escape.

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